Why MMJ Marketing? One partner – A Full range of solutions.

  1. Ownership

    The solutions we provide you with are yours. The website provided is your property and if you decide to use a 3rd party software it is your account and under your full control. We work on your resources as a partner.

  2. We’re Flexible

    MMJ Marketing offers online training to your team so they can take on the initiatives they feel comfortable with. If a project such as automated appointment scheduling with reminders or running a Google Adwords campaign is outside your team’s comfort zone, we can train you on what you want to keep in-house and manage alternate services.

  3. We’re Credible

    MMJ Marketing is a division of Touching Clients. Our team has been training and managing online marketing initiatives in the medical area for over 10 years. Monthly check-ins and reports are standard for all Managed Services Clientele. We work with you to assure your goals are being met.

  4. We’re Resourceful

    MMJ Marketing has a wealth of contacts and experience in-house. Working on new initiatives is commonplace at our agency. The world of online marketing is continually changing and our team stays on top of this changing landscape through investing in our own team’s education and partners.