The Best Cannabusiness Apps for Marijuana Business Owners

Running a Cannabis business requires patience, time and effort. It’s difficult juggling meetings, payroll and deadlines in your day-to-day operations without the right cannabusiness apps. Your company is as good as the technology you use and finding the right tools depends on your personal preferences and needs.

Fortunately, many apps on the market today are great for managing all of your pressing demands. Below are tried-and-true apps to help you stay on track and never fall behind.


If you’re in the cannabusiness, you need a detailed cannabis database. Referred to as the Yelp for weed, Leafly’s many features include the latest news, dispensary locations and products for all things cannabis. It even matches strains to what ails you and the specific high you’re looking for.


Evernote is like an extended filing cabinet for your brain. Everything you’ll ever need to remember or refer back to is easily stored in Evernote. It lets you grab bits of information from the internet and tag them along with your stored notes and contacts. It even embeds audio and video into a personalized filing system. It links to all of your devices too.

Evernote also features a business version with additional benefits for enhanced administrator controls and unlimited upload space.

QuickBooks Online

A one-stop shop for all things accounting. QuickBooks Online lets you send invoices, track hours and view balances. It also integrates with other apps like Square and PayPal.

QuickBooks Online starts at $15 per month for basic invoicing services. If your business requires something more advanced, QuickBooks does offer more expensive versions for up to $50. This upgrade includes additional features like bill payment scheduling and inventory tracking.


Want to know where every second of your day is going? This is where Toggl comes in handy. It lets you track projects, clients and log billable hours. It syncs with your other cannabusiness apps easily. You can get your employees on it too (up to five for free), create categories and stay organized.


Manage your money like a boss.This app is great for all things financial. Mint tracks all of your accounts under one roof. You can check your credit score, stay one step ahead of recurring bills, set up savings goals and create budgets.

The easiest way to know where your money is going is by tracking it with Mint. Setting up an account is easy and free.


Finding the right cannabusiness app feels like you just struck Acapulco Gold. Don’t let the burden of running your business become too much. These apps were designed to do the heavy-lifting for you so you can focus on the tasks that are more important: growing your business.

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