SEO Basics: What are Crawl Errors

If you want to turn your existing medical marijuana website into a well-oiled machine, there’s one thing you need to watch out for – crawl errors. These happens when a search engine crawler or also known as web spiders tries to reach a page on your website but is unable to do so.

Ideally, you want all the links pointing to your site leads to an actual page.

Google has divided these errors into two groups: site errors and URL errors. You can check these errors in Google Webmaster Tools, now named Google Search Console or other 3rd party softwares or tools.

Site Errors

The search engine spiders cannot access your site but why? One reason could be a DNS error. What this means is that the search engine can’t talk to your server. This is usually a temporary glitch. Perhaps your server is down and your site can’t be visited.

Server errors are another problem. These occur in your search console meaning the bot could not access your site. Sometimes the request gets timed out because it took too long to load.

Another possibility worth considering is that your site gets too many visitors and cannot handle all of the requests.

URL Errors

When you receive a message like this one: “404 Not Found” it means that a bot tried to crawl a page of your site and encountered an error. These kind of errors are fixable as long as you keep an eye out for them.

If your page continues to show an error and is  no longer available, you can setup a 301 redirect.

URL errors can be caused by bad internal linking too. Bots will find these links and follow them to a dead end. This problem can be solved easily with a little maintenance on your part.


It all comes down to simple site maintenance. If you are routinely checking your site for any issues on a regular basis it will go a long way in keeping your site running efficiently.

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