How to Use Facebook Groups to Build Strong Customer Relationships

Social media possesses powerful potential to create lasting customer connections that inspire loyalty and drive repeat business with your client base. Using Facebook Groups allows you to take that established relationship to the next level and provide your customers with a superior user experience in subtle yet powerful ways. Here are some pointers for using Facebook Groups to build strong customer relationships.

Integrate Groups Into Your Customer Service Experience

Probably the best way to make Groups work for you is to build it in as a step of your customer onboarding process. Facebook Groups are great for disseminating information and helping customers get answers to their most frequently asked questions. It’s also a great communications platform to connect one-on-one for customers who would otherwise hesitate to reach out with questions or problems. Most important of all though, you are establishing an online community of your product users who can support each other as well as draw on support from you. That sense of community is priceless in fostering repeat business and building long term customer relationships.

Collect and Evaluate Feedback

Polls, surveys, and other methods of feedback data collection are available “out of the box” for Facebook Groups. Use these tools to offer your customers opportunities to provide genuine feedback whether they have been with you for 6 days or 6 months. You can also use it as a platform to test reactions to new products or service plans that can be invaluable when determining how best to expand or refresh services and products.

Don’t Spam Members With Self Promotion

With a great communications platform comes great responsibility. You should not use your Facebook Group to direct visitors to your site or promote/advertise your business. All that type of marketing does is make your group members regret allowing themselves to be added to the group. Instead, post meaningful content that will help them get more out of the products and services they already use.

Above All, Focus on Community Building

People crave a sense of community at a fundamental level. Call it pack mentality, call it family, call it whatever you want, but people thrive and grow when they are part of a healthy community. Your Facebook Groups needs to foster that sense of community between your products and services, your customers, and your organization. “Everyone needs everyone” should be the motto that drives your thinking and community management. Remind yourselves and your customers that you are the reason for your continued success, and that success only continues with a healthy and supportive community. Whatever you activities or content you post should be focused on helping everyone find belonging and success in their own lives as an active member of your Facebook Group.

Running a clever Facebook Groups marketing campaign can help you establish your authority and gain the trust of your target market.

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