Social Media Best Practices

Your social media content is valuable and takes time and effort to curate. So you wouldn’t want to have it fade away as the result of a lost media platform or platform change that removes features you use on a regular basis. This is where the topic of backing up social media content comes into play. Between your previous posts, videos, contacts and other useful information that you’ve shared, you want to have a plan in place to safeguard all of your past content. By doing this, you can avoid the stress of redoing a lot of the hard work that you put into your social platforms that could be affected by unforeseen circumstances.

How Can You Start Backing Up Social Media Content?


Cloud services, including iCloud and GOOGLE DRIVE, are ideal for storing backups of posts and photos that you share on social media. Folders can be shared by multiple users if you have a team for social media production. And content is accessible across a variety of platforms for easy access, even long after you publish your posts.

Backing Up Social Media

Here are just a few online backup systems that come highly recommended by individuals and business owners:


Most social networks have video features that allow you to connect with users in real time. While these are incredibly useful for sharing content and product sneak peeks, a disadvantage is the time sensitivity of the content you produce using this medium. Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook all have features that give you the opportunity to save your video content for future reference or use.


Customer testimonials and contact information are often incorporated as features on your social networking profiles, so retrieving this information and saving it for the future is not as straightforward as saving organic content, like your posts. You can use simple screen shots to save your testimonials and build a database with customer contact info in order to stay in touch should anything happen to your main social media profile.


Even if you stay on top of monitoring all of your social media content and meticulously saving everything on a work computer or server, consolidating your profile can still be tricky. Third-party companies offer backup consolidation services that gather all of your social media information and store it in one convenient place. This is particularly useful if you plan to switch your social media campaigns from one network to another or need to quickly restore a profile on an existing account.

When backing up social media content, give it the proper time and attention that it needs for your digital marketing to stay nimble in the ever-changing social landscape. Having copies of your media posts and integrated content will keep your social media game and branding ahead of the curve.

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