Cannabis Marketing Guide

Marijuana Legalization is in full swing, but how will you promote your cannabis products within the confines of the law? There are still many questions regarding cannabis marketing because the laws are not fixed. Should you treat it with the same standards as alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals? Should you promote it with no regulations at all?

It’s difficult to answer your questions with two opposing sides of the debate unable to come to an agreement. In Canada, the Trudeau government wants companies to be successful but is calling for stricter regulations with no celebrity endorsements or customer testimonials. Graphic health warnings on all packaging is also under consideration.

The other side wants a less-regulated market while still promoting their brand responsibly. Other factors include avoiding advertising to the youth market and using checks and balances with producers partnering with Advertising Standards Canada to market effectively and ethically.

Let’s dig in to what your options look like wether your doing business in the US, Canada, or in the UK.


Newsletter is a great option because you can put almost anything on them. Your company has free reign here. The trick is getting subscribers since your customers will have to have seen your brand in some other digital space. This is where social media plays a part bringing me to my next category.

Social Platforms

Social media can play a huge role in promoting your cannabis brand or product. Places like Facebook, Google and Bing will not allow you to advertise your products but you can create content that is related to your brand. This helps in getting your company’s name out there.

The one rule to follow while putting your content into the digital arena is vagueness. Be vague. Sites like Google and Facebook have flagged certain keywords that you need to keep in mind while placing ads in their domain. For example, you cannot say “marijuana” in your ad. Refer to their policies for a reference on which words to avoid.

Cannabis marketing on Instagram and Twitter are also excellent platforms for promoting your company’s message. The use of AMA’s or “Ask Me Anything” can have a huge impact building your community as well as informing investors of upcoming opportunities and ways to get involved. Reddit and Stockhouse employ these features on their sites and are worth taking a look at.


There’s been a shift away from the dazed and confused pothead image to one of an informed professional. This goes a long way in keeping your company’s image on point and looking sharp in the eyes of potential investors and government regulators. 

How will cannabis marketing play out in the upcoming months? We are not certain because the laws continue to evolve. We are excited about the potential to work with these cutting-edge businesses. What happens next remains to be seen but the future of this industry looks brighter than ever before.

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