Grow your Medical Marijuana Brand Awareness with Instagram Stories

Instagram made a major change to their platform when they introduced Stories. Instagram stories are daily photos, videos and content that you can upload without it being added to your permanent gallery. Any business can take advantage of the new function, and once you learn why it should be used, you’ll see why even cannabis Instagram stories can help grow your brand.

How to Use Instagram Stories

The first step is either swiping left or locating the (+) icon in the upper right corner of the app. This will open the stories camera, from which you can take photos or record video just like you would for a regular Instagram post. When you’ve completed making the content, then you can edit and enhance the story with built in filters, text or drawing.

Along with making content directly in Instagram Stories, you can also upload images to the story from your camera roll. This is limited to photos or videos that were taken within the last 24 hours though.

This works great for showing daily specials, new deals, limited time contests and other fun content that people checking out your profile may enjoy. Cannabis Instagram stories can highlight any new products, new plans or just show some behind the scenes coverage that you may want to be temporary. Adding information to the photos and videos is straightforward and simple, after a few minutes anyone can be an expert.

Gaining Analytics from Stories

Once the story has been posted, there are a few modest analytics tools that Instagram has included to help you collect information. To see how many times a particular part of your story has been viewed, simply open the story and swipe up. It will show you a count of views, and list what users watched your story. This way you can see who you’ve reached and what kind of response they are having to the story.

Along with that simple analytic tool is the option to make a part of your story a feature on the main Instagram page. This is great for businesses as you can truly make a special feature from the story, which people can jump to with ease from your Instagram profile.

Brand Awareness

Stories are an easy way for someone to view what your business is doing up front, without having to scroll through the Instagram grid. It allows you to feature what you want to highlight. It serves as a great way to offer limited time deals and content. Best of all, it makes it faster for people to see new content from your business so that it stays fresh in your customers minds. Cannabis stories add a layer to your business that will keep customers coming back to check out what you’ve got going on, so don’t sleep on this great function built into your social media presence.

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