Yoast vs Moz: The Best Marijuana Business Directory Optimization Tools

The key to making an impact, and touching as many clients as you can with your Cannabis business, is getting the maximum out of SEO. The best way to accomplish that is to use Marijuana business directory optimization tools, like Moz or Yoast.

Moz and Yoast are tools that help ensure content is doing exactly that. Both companies offer apps that can make the most of your SEO effort. To decide what tool will be best for you and your business,  we made a side by side comparison of these tools to help you better understand why you’d need them.

What is Yoast

Yoast helps with developing websites and adding the functionality they need to remain at the top of the results on search engines. By working with the web’s most popular form of website building, WordPress, and creating plugins to fill it, Yoast cuts down on the work needed to create a great website.

The experience level of the developers at Yoast is second to none. They work through every element of a website, finding every issue they can and working out resolutions to them all. After fixing or improving those areas, the website will more efficiently move to the top of search engine results.

Yoast Functions:

  • Restructure site or build for SEO
  • Develop blog
  • WordPress plugins
  • Blog analytics for SEO
  • Website review
  • E-commerce development

What is Moz

Moz provides tools for SEO, such as for keyword research, keyword generation, and link analysis to ensure that the inbound link quality is of the highest caliber. The research tools that Moz provides is one of the most extensive list of tools available. While learning new tools may feel daunting, there are tutorials provided with every tool to ensure quick and easy understanding. Along with the tutorials, Moz provides a technical support team that’s always on call to help out.

The Moz app does weekly crawls of your website to monitor keywords and notify you of any issues that may have risen. It also does a competitive analysis to keep an eye on the competition, so you know where they are placing on the search engine rankings. These functions from this directory optimization tool help show what needs to be changed or kept the same to give you the edge in your market.

Moz Functions:

  • Advanced marketing guides
  • Weekly web crawls
  • Competitive analysis
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Immediate access to new tools
  • Continual site improvement

As you can see, both apps are focused on your SEO results, working as elite Marijuana business directory optimization tools. Both will help get your site ahead of the rest, so no matter what your online business is, you should see what Yoast and Moz can offer to boost your business.

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