What Does a Content Marketing Agency Do?

Content marketing continues to be a front-runner in the world of digital marketing tactics. With so many marketing entities out there promoting themselves as content marketers, it can be daunting task distinguishing the genuine article from charlatans who make many claims but deliver few results. Finding the right content marketing agency for your business is crucial to your long-term success. To help you narrow down potential candidates, we’ve assembled this brief on what marketing agencies do for businesses.

What is Content Marketing?

In a nutshell, content marketing is creating branded content for targeted audiences of potential customers online. Content is focused less on selling and more on creating useful original content and value-add content for new and existing users of your products and services. Rather than pushing your products via traditional interruptive methods, content marketing is focused on creating a brand that makes your brand the trusted expert and reliable source for all things relating to the products and services your business provides.

Services Content Marketers Provide


Content marketers will create and maintain a blog site for your business with consistent and engaging content intended to attract readers to your brand.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is essentially using keyword trends in original content to increase search engine results page rankings. Content marketers can also update your existing sites with higher keyword density and improved meta tagging so that your sites come up closer to first on more search engine results pages as well.

Content Offers

These are specialized posts on your website designed to convert website clickthroughs into potential sales leads. Original content is gated with a landing page requiring visitors to enter an email address or contact information to view your gated content. The key to making this effective is creating content worth getting past the gate to read.

Social Media Posts

Generating shareable, useful and engaging content on social media is an essential service every content marketing agency should provide. Posts that go viral generate visitors to your site, and content offers linked to social media clickthroughs help turn those visits into sales leads.

Video Content

The future of content marketing is video, and smart content marketers know this for a fact. Regularly posting educational videos, how-tos, product demonstrations, service summaries, and other brand-building content is a core service offered by leading content marketing agencies.

Original Graphic Design and Image Generation

Content marketing agencies that can help you produce your own brand image and graphics are worth their weight in gold. Rather than relying on stock photo images and artwork, their in-house designer or design team can craft beautiful and original images and graphics customized for your business. Original graphics and images are what set your brand apart from the crowd online, and engaging the services of a content marketing agency with their own graphic designer provides significant marketing advantages.

Ethical Third Party Graphic and Image Use

Even if a content marketing agency outsources their design and image selection to a third party, they should treat the intellectual property of other brands and entities ethically. One of the hallmarks of an excellent content marketing agency is a proven track record of the ethical use of third-party content, graphics and image use.

Now that you understand the full scope of the benefits an effective content marketing agency can bring to your business, you are ready to start your search. Find a team of content marketers and designers who can realize your vision for your brand, and start building a digital presence that will secure the future of your enterprise today.

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