Cannabis Marketing Guide

Marijuana Legalization is in full swing, but how will you promote your cannabis products within the confines of the law? There are still many questions regarding cannabis marketing because the laws are not fixed. Should you treat it with the same standards as alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals? Should you promote it with no regulations at … See More

Top Ways to Market your Marijuana Business Online

Marketing your marijuana business online can be challenging, even if you are willing to pay for  advertising. Popular search engines as well as social media sites are not looking at the different state laws regarding marijuana sales, so you will likely be banned for promoting your business. You’ll want to use other mediums like; email … See More

Grow your Medical Marijuana Brand Awareness with Instagram Stories

Instagram made a major change to their platform when they introduced Stories. Instagram stories are daily photos, videos and content that you can upload without it being added to your permanent gallery. Any business can take advantage of the new function, and once you learn why it should be used, you’ll see why even cannabis … See More

9 Tips for Growing Your Cannabis Business Email List

The only way to grow your medical marijuana business is to find new customers. Part of that includes adding new names to your email list so that you can keep in touch with people in the fastest, most effective way. Email lists degrade over time as people switch jobs, delete old accounts or just abandon … See More

Butting Heads: Cannabis Advertising in Facebook

Facebook with its over two billion users could be a potential goldmine for businesses in the Marijuana industry. Any good marketer will tell you the potential to advertise on Facebook at a cost-effective price spells opportunity unless of course, you have a product or service that has the name marijuana or cannabis in it. Because … See More

Social Media Best Practices

Your social media content is valuable and takes time and effort to curate. So you wouldn’t want to have it fade away as the result of a lost media platform or platform change that removes features you use on a regular basis. This is where the topic of backing up social media content comes into … See More