cannabis email list building

9 Tips for Growing Your Cannabis Business Email List

Published By MMJ: 15 February 2018

The only way to grow your medical marijuana business is to find new customers. Part of that includes adding new names to your ema

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Professional Marijuana Websites

Top Reasons Your Marijuana Business Needs a Professional Website

Published By MMJ: 02 February 2018

As legalized marijuana moves forward in more places, it’s critical to know how the industry will reach customers. Being a busin

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Marijuana Business Directory Optimization

Yoast vs Moz: The Best Marijuana Business Directory Optimization Tools

Published By MMJ: 01 February 2018

The key to making an impact, and touching as many clients as you can with your Cannabis business, is getting the maximum out of SEO. The best w

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cannabis advertising in facebook

Butting Heads: Cannabis Advertising in Facebook

Published By MMJ: 28 January 2018

Facebook with its over two billion users could be a potential goldmine for businesses in the Marijuana industry. Any good marketer will tell you the potential t

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Marijuana Directories

Business Directories for the Marijuana Industry

Published By MMJ: 11 January 2018

As marijuana becomes more accepted in our communities it is also becoming a strong industry to invest in. New dispensaries and supporting businesses are opening

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Social Media Best Practices

Published By MMJ: 14 July 2017

Your social media content is valuable and takes time and effort to curate. So you wouldn’t want to have it fade away as the result of a lost media platform or

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Marijuana Smoking Alternatives

Published By MMJ: 14 July 2017

Although smoking medical marijuana is a viable treatment for those seeking to alleviate symptoms of many medical conditions, being unable to smoke can lead many

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Marijuana and Veterans – PTSD

Published By MMJ: 30 May 2016

The detrimental effects of war cannot be overstated. Among the many wounds that global conflict causes, the mental scars are often the worst; simply because the

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