MMJ Marketing Solutions for leading Medical Marijuana businesses. MMJ Marketing provides Online Training and Automated Marketing Services.

In the past five years, the Medical Marijuana business has grown exponentially. With the emergence of new litigation in states across the country, more MMJ businesses continue to open every day. At MMJ Marketing we provide options for businesses that want to learn and take MMJ Marketing in-house through online training courses. For those who prefer to outsource, we have complete MMJ Marketing Automation Solutions available.

MMJ Marketing is a division of Touching Clients. We have been providing self-help, in person, and online marketing training for ten years. MMJ Marketing is an especially challenging field and our team that manages MMJ Marketing for our clients has learned how to successfully get the word out for MMJ Businesses. Our online webinars range from introductory classes to in-depth techniques to avoid compliance issues.

MMJ Marketing online courses review all facets of the digital world. Some of the most effective classes are:

  • MMJ for Facebook
  • MMJ for Twitter
  • MMJ for Google+
  • MMJ for LinkedIn
  • MMJ Directory Optimization
  • MMJ Email Marketing


We also provide classes on MMJ Content Development and MMJ Blog Posting that will assist in organically driving new clients to your MMJ Website.

MMJ Managed services are a core product that we started providing through Touching Clients. MMJ Marketing understands that some MMJ businesses will want to outsource their MMJ Marketing efforts. For those MMJ Businesses that want to outsource their online marketing, we provide a full range of services. MMJ Marketing offers:

  • Medical Marijuana Website Design
  • MMJ Email Marketing
  • MMJ Social Media Management
  • MMJ LSEO Directory Optimization
  • MMJ Paid Marketing Services – SEM
  • MMJ Google Adwords
  • MMJ Paid Facebook Marketing
  • …and our flagship service is MMJ Marketing Automation Services.


MMJ Automation Services take clients from your initial touch through client acquisition to repeat business and referral generation. Depending on which systems you are utilizing we may be able to attach 3rd party systems, enhance your current tools, or design a replacement solution that will drive clients through your product lifecycle for years to come.

MMJ Marketing’s mission is to assist MMJ business with reaching their potential through online training and/or manages services depending on what your needs are.